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This is the wiki where I, Necromancer115, Screw around with templates and tools in a safe, care-free enviroment. Alot of the stuff that I make is mainly for fun, and is to get me better situated with editing templates and template parameters. You are also welcome to experiment with your own stuff on here, if you so desire. It would be nice to have company every once in a while. Forever alone. Well anyway enjoy, and Happy Editing!!!
-!!Necromancer115 Is Awesome! !

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Necromancer115 is an awesome person, and a god among men. In his free time he likes to edit wikis, play some video games, take long walks on the beach, and plot to take over the universe. He is also in no way being incredibly narcissistic by making the featured article about himself. In his defense, he says it's for a test of the featured article, but what is he really hiding? Could he be an insane killer werewolf robot vampire clown from hades? or even worse, Could he actually be someone that is not awesome? Or could he just be a person who talks negatively about him self in third person, and in the form of stupid conspiracy theories? Find out next time on Dragonball Z...
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— A Fail Troll on MW3, trying to insult my clan tag. So bad I lold.

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